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Today's Sunday tip is picking the right time of day to have photographs made. Let's face it, no one likes to get up at daybreak, especially the girls, who have to get up extra early to get their hair and make up right. But, if you want the ideal time,and the best look, it's at sunrise to take pictures. It's very cool in the morning, the light is beautiful, and normally the wind is at the lowest point for the day. It's just better from 6 - 9 am.

I used to do lots of photography later in the day, especially in the afternoon. It's not ideal. The sun is high in the sky leaving almost no shade, it's hot and quite often windy. I've now made it a rule that I will only photography seniors outdoors at 2 times of day, sunrise and sunset. Sunset is also good, but we have many days in Kansas where the heat index is 100+ or the wind blows 20+ and we must reschedule to another evening.

Now is also the right time to come and visit with us about your senior photographs. We have the best specials going right now. A consult take about 30 minutes and you will get many ideas and tips. Call us at 785-271-5355