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Wichers Photography - Senior Information for Class of 2020
Senior photography - affordable, and creative. Now scheduling
2020 seniors. 785-271-5355
If you would like more information by email please fill out this form
Thank you for thinking of Wichers Photography for your senior photos.

Wichers has many things to offer, and our specials change month to month.
It's best to get started on senior photographs as early as possible to save $$.
During April May and June we have our most popular sessions at no charge.
Saving you $125.

Our most popular session is 3 hours long. Allowing us to travel to many
different places to get the maximum amount of unique looks in your
photographs. This session allows you to change outfits 5-8 times .
In the 3 hours we will travel to 3-4 different places to take your images.
We have many unique places to go and photograph, come in to see all
of our spots, at a fee senior consult. One of the things that sets us apart is we
let you customize your session by choosing the places you wish to be
photographed at. We photograph you when the sun is the best, early morning
light and late day light are the best times. For this reason we only photograph
2 seniors per day, all taken at the best times of day. We do not photograph in
the heat of the day outside.

A few days following your photography you will be able to view your images 
digitally on our flat screen. It's a cool show with music and the whole works.
Most people will make decisions that day on what to order. Once you order
your photographs it takes about 4 weeks for them to be retouched
and finished. All of our photographs are retouched, we want you to
look your best in everything.

Something unique to Wichers, is our senior phone app. You have the ability to have all  of your retouched images on your phone. Ask us for more details. You can see and download a sample phone app here.

Prices: If we are going to photograph you for 3 hours, the minimum order is $300. We have sessions that include less and more time and
prices vary accordingly. An hour and 1/2 session can be as little as a
$200 investment.

Next thing for you to do is give us a call at 271-5355. Our specials
are the best early in the year. So save time and money by giving us a call.
A consult takes about 30 minutes and you will get some great ideas for senior
photos. We will discuss clothing, lighting, places, hobbies, cars, props and
many other things.
Give us a call now. 785-271-5355

Mark, Mardi and Shauna

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Wichers Photography
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